Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification LAMP, Simple Alternative Technique of Molecular Diagnosis Process in Medicals Analysis: A Review

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T. Uwiringiyeyezu
B. El Khalfi
J. Belhachmi
A. Soukri


The Medical diagnostic process requires more various methods to cover all sorts of clinical demands. Those methods depend on the types of samples and the requested analysis. The Medical diagnostic is considered as a process until making a clinical decision about a physiopathology or infection through medicals analysis. Nucleic acid amplification methods continue to play a role in these medicals analysis processes, but, many gold conventional standard Methods are time-consumers, less sensitive, technically challenging. It is that reason why recently, after the development of the PCR technique; the real-time PCR became a frequently requested tool to diagnose the virus, bacteria, fungal and parasites infections in different pathologies, especially in developed countries. However, its availability remains a big problem in resource-limited countries like Africa continent. It is because of the issue due to cost, technology, human resource constraints and the remote areas with limited access to laboratory facilities which stays also a major problem.

Nucleic acids amplification methods remain to be expensive, not accessible for all laboratories. In addition to this, they are easily inhibited and contaminated by the other biochemical reagents time-consumer, for this reason, other methods of nucleic acid amplification under isothermal conditions have emerged each with its  particularities. Despite their successes, molecular biology should have a method that combines many of the advantages and accessible everywhere. So, in 2000, the LAMP method was developed and offered many advantages such as speed, specificity, high sensitivity and the cost of very low equipment. In this review, we present the different studies to confirm the advantages of LAMP that we consider as an alternative to PCR in molecular  diagnostics with a wide range of use on clinical samples and in scientific research and also, the method to save the Africans patients from the high cost and time consuming of other amplification methods.

Polymerase chain reaction, loop-mediated isothermal amplification, molecular diagnosis, biological samples, diagnostic methods, medicals analysis

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Uwiringiyeyezu, T., Khalfi, B. E., Belhachmi, J., & Soukri, A. (2019). Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification LAMP, Simple Alternative Technique of Molecular Diagnosis Process in Medicals Analysis: A Review. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 33(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/arrb/2019/v33i130109
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