The High Water Plants Water Road in Cleaning

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Ch. H. Kuchkarova
U. S. Nizamova
Sh Abdullaev
G. A. Madrakhimova


The ecology of high-water plants such as pistachio, euchronia, azolla forms the basis for improving biological wastewater treatment technology. For the first time in the Andizhan region of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was found that high-altitude algae can be used by the method of biological treatment of municipal wastewater. the results of the study, we used biological treatment of high-water plant species such as pistia (Pistia stratiotes), Euchornia crassipes Solms, azolla (Azolla coroliniana Willd), with the observations of the dynamics of rapid growth and development at high concentrations. We developed a Pistia stratiotes, which is scientifically grounded in improvement, and was recommended for reproduction under laboratory conditions.

Aquatic plants, wastewater, pistachios, euchronia, azolla, pollution, utilities, domestic, biological.

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Kuchkarova, C. H., Nizamova, U. S., Abdullaev, S., & Madrakhimova, G. A. (2019). The High Water Plants Water Road in Cleaning. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 33(5), 1-5.
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