Dosimetric Characterizations of Megavoltage Therapeutic Photon Beam

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Md. Abdullah Al Mashud
M. Jahangir Alam


This paper presents the dosimetric parameters characterizations of a megavoltage therapeutic photon beam. The main focus of this study is to investigate and analyze the parameters of percentage depth dose (PDD) and tissue maximum ratio (TMR) due to the importance of treatment system. The depth dose characteristics of 6MV photon beam for different field sizes in water phantom has been measured, analyzed and found a robustness results. The results revealed that the depth dose variation from 0.067% to 1.812% and the TMR values varies from 0.501% to 2.111%. It seems the measured dosimetric quantities are clinically relevant for different field sizes and depths.

PDD, TMR, accuracy, LINAC, photon beam

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Mashud, M. A. A., & Alam, M. J. (2020). Dosimetric Characterizations of Megavoltage Therapeutic Photon Beam. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 35(9), 83-88.
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