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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 39 [Issue 3]

Short Research Article

Evaluation of the Most Effective Plant Extracts, Bioagents and Chemical Fungicides In vitro against Powdery Mildew of Pea

A. V. Bhosale, V. M. Karade, C. T. Kumbhar, R. M. Khadtare, V. M. Rajenimbalkar, S. S. Shinde

Original Research Article

Experimentally Histological Assessment for the Effect of Resveratrol in the Liver of Mice

Asmaa Khalid Salman , Zainab Yaseen Mohammed Hasan , E. R. Al-Kenanny

Effects of Adenosine and Lactate Coexistence on NK92 Cell

Xinjie Xu, Wenjie Nie, Fangfang Ding, Chun Chen

Study on Rachis Characters of Different Cultivars of Banana

Mihir Karmakar , Tanmoy Mondal , Rajdeep Mohanta , Gouri Mandi , Subrata Mahato , Fatik Kumar Bauri