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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 39 [Issue 5]

Short Communication

Identification of the Downy Mildew Resistant Sources in Sunflower

M. Y. Dudhe, S. V. Waghmare, R. P. Ramteke, M. V. Jadhav, K. Sakthivel, M. V. Dhuppe, S. P. Pole, M. K. Ghodke, A. M. Misal, A. B. Rajguru

Original Research Article

Cesarean Sectional as a Treatment of Dystocia Caused by Uterine Torsion in Mehsana Buffalo

Sachin Kalaswa, Ravindra Jadav, Janak Panchal, Vipul Solanki, Keshav, H. C. Nakhashi, B. N. Suthar

Effect of Young and Old Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract on Haematological, Renal and Liver Indices in Rattus novergicus

Joshua Dwomoh, Duodu Addison , Fritz R. K. Bonsu , Papa Kofi Amissah-Reynolds, Emmanuel Effah-Yeboah, Samuel A. Ofori

Morphological and Biochemical Characterization of Strains of Ralstonia solanacearum, Causal Agent of Bacterial Wilt in Tomatoes in Cameroon and Screening of Virulent Strains

Cylvain Patrick Mountseng, Hermine Mahot , Gertrude Membang , Serges Bertrand Mboussi , Didier Begoude , Zachée Ambang

Introducing in Côte D’ivoire a Simple Technique Contributing to the Post-Harvest Management of Mangoes (Mangifera indica L. 1753) Perishability and Browning by Targeting Polyphenol Oxidases (PPOs)

Ehuié Micaël Bédikou , Silver Kouassi Kossonou , Inès Christelle Assemian , Fafadzi Charlotte Ehon, Ahou-Yah Gisèle Koua , Lessoy Thierry Zoué , Lamine Sébastien Niamké

Assessing the Efficacy and Biological Benefits of Withanolide-rich Withania somnifera Root Extract

Devaraj Reddy KN, Srilakshmi Aluri , Prathvi Shetty, Shreya Udaya , Shankara Prasad , Sudhanva MS, Shobith Rangappa

Toxicity of Two Therapeutants Hydrogen Peroxide and Formalin in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Avanish Dixit, Gijo Ittoop, Devika Pillai, Rehna A, Leena Chandrasekhar, Suresh N Nair