Investigation of Nitrogen Levels and Row Spacing on Growth and Yield of Mustard Crop Variety VNR 509: A Case Study

Swapnil S. Dekhane *

ASPEE Agricultural Research and Development Foundation, At- Nare, Tal- Wada, Dist- Palghar, Maharashtra- 421 312, India.

Narendra Kumar

Research & Development, ASPEE Agro Equipment Pvt. Ltd., Bilimora, Gujarat- 396 321, India.

Rahul R. Pisal

Department of Agronomy, Navsari Agriculture University, Navsari, Gujarat- 396 450, India.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Objective: To investigate the effect of varying nitrogen levels and row spacings on the growth and yield of the mustard crop (variety VNR 509).

Methods: The experimental trial was conducted during the rabi season at ASPEE Agricultural Research and Development Foundation (ARDF) in the north Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. A factorial randomized block design (FRBD) with three replications was employed to test different combinations of treatments.

Results: The study found a significant influence of nitrogen levels and row spacings on mustard growth and yield. Specifically, applying 90 kg N per hectare at a row spacing of 45 cm x 10 cm resulted in optimal plant growth and yield. Higher nitrogen doses and wider row spacings increased plant height, branch development, and the number of seeds per siliquae. Conversely, reducing row spacing increased the number of pods per plant

Conclusion: The findings suggest that a balanced approach in nitrogen application and row spacing can significantly enhance mustard crop yield and quality. These insights can aid in developing cultivation strategies for similar crops to achieve higher yields and maintain crop quality.

Keywords: Mustard crop, nitrogen levels, row spacing, growth, yield, factorial randomized block design, rabi season, VNR 509 variety

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Dekhane, Swapnil S., Narendra Kumar, and Rahul R. Pisal. 2024. “Investigation of Nitrogen Levels and Row Spacing on Growth and Yield of Mustard Crop Variety VNR 509: A Case Study”. Annual Research & Review in Biology 39 (6):65-70.


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