Comparative Analysis of Some Proteins Encoded by Genes Significantly Related to Diabetes

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Rajika Roy Chowdhury
Malavika Bhattacharya


Aims: The study was performed with the aim of understanding the role of protein structures encoded by a few of those genes which show the most significant alterations in their expression under normal versus diabetic conditions.

Study Design: The study involved identifying a few relevant genes and analysis of various components of their protein structures.

Methodology: Nine genes were shortlisted based on the extensive search of available secondary data. The structures of proteins encoded by them were generated using standard online tools. Comparative models of each of them were also generated in reference to the gene PPARγ due to its high significance in both diabetes as well as obesity, one of its predominant contributing factors. 

Results: Our studies indicate that the protein structures have domains which can interact with each other as well as other signaling molecules and thereby contribute towards the transfer of information across the cells. Moreover, some of these proteins show significant overlap with the protein encoded by the gene PPARγ, indicating probable interactions between them.

Conclusion: These preliminary observations are indicative of probable protein-protein interactions which may contribute towards disease pathology. Further studies on interactions between these domains of various proteins may throw light on this aspect. Since diabetes incidences are increasing exponentially across the world, further detailed analysis of the individual components of the protein structures may help in obtaining a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that are involved in this disease. This study substantiates those findings which have reported the importance of genetics in diabetes.

Diabetes, protein-protein interactions, protein domains, non-communicable diseases

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Chowdhury, R., & Bhattacharya, M. (2018). Comparative Analysis of Some Proteins Encoded by Genes Significantly Related to Diabetes. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 29(5), 1-9.
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