The Perception of Residents of Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria about the Veterinary Profession

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Samuel A. Ode
Ugoh Nsoffor
James S. Gberindyer
Emmanuella N. Akange-Ejeye
Innocent I. Luga
Nicodemus M. Useh


Veterinary medicine is the medical science that is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of diseases, disorders and injuries of animals. A questionnaire-based study was conducted to investigate the perception of Nigerians resident in Makurdi city about the veterinary profession. Makurdi city, located in Central Nigeria, was divided into 10 sub-study areas for the purpose of the survey. Exactly 965 questionnaires were administered randomly to respondents in the study areas and collected immediately they were completed. Data obtained from the study was collated and analyzed using Chi square (statistical package for social sciences, SPSS) and values of P<0.05 were significant. Majority of the respondents (n=936 or 96.99 %) confirmed they had prior knowledge about the identity of a veterinary doctor before the study. Most respondents (P<0.05) strongly agreed that veterinary doctors usually receive more standard professional training than animal scientists. Half of the respondents (n=485 or 50.2%) (P<0.05) strongly agreed that veterinary and human medicine are complimentary in the disease control strategy plan of any nation. Majority of the respondents (P<0.05) either strongly agreed or agreed that ranches should be established for rearing livestock in Nigeria to prevent frequent farmer-herdsmen clashes that have been on the increase in recent times. The significance of these findings and the implication on the development of the livestock industry in Nigeria are discussed.

Perception, Residents of Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, veterinary profession.

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Ode, S. A., Nsoffor, U., Gberindyer, J. S., Akange-Ejeye, E. N., Luga, I. I., & Useh, N. M. (2019). The Perception of Residents of Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria about the Veterinary Profession. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 31(2), 1-16.
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