Taxonomical Investigation on Some Species of Genus Allium Based on the Pollen Morphology

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Mehdi Heidarian
Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hamdi
Mohammad Mehdi Dehshiri
Taher Nejadsattari
Seyed Mohammad Masoumi


Aims: The aim of this research was to investigate the morphological characteristics of the pollen grain of some species of genus Allium.

Methodology: The pollen grains were examined by using Light Microscopy (LM), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and the pollen grains of one species under Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

Results: The pollen grains were oblate and medium in shape and size. The pollen ornamentation of exine surface, exine ornamentation on sulcus edge, lumina number in the exine surface and the state of pollen grain apex in the examined species were different. Semitectate and columellate ectexine with discontinuous endexine were seen in the pollen wall structure (sporoderm). The dendrogram obtained from the pollen characters in SEM observations by using the numerical taxonomy system (NTSYS) software placed the studied species in two types.

Conclusion: Our palynological dendrogram can be used for segregation the sections and subgenera taxonomical levels in the studied species of genus Allium and confirmed the phylogram of the recent phylogenetic research.

Allium, Amaryllidaceae, monocotyledons, palynology, phylogeny, taxonomy.

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Heidarian, M., Hamdi, S. M. M., Dehshiri, M., Nejadsattari, T., & Masoumi, S. (2019). Taxonomical Investigation on Some Species of Genus Allium Based on the Pollen Morphology. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 32(6), 1-10.
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