Nipping - A Simple Strategy to Boost The Yield - Review

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S. Sanbagavalli
Jangam Bhavana
S. Pavithra


Nipping is an important practice that removes the apical dominance and promotes the lateral branches which in turn improves the yield of crops. It plays a vital role for better maintenance of source and sink relationship and for ameliorating the productivity. Nipping can be done in two ways either by clipping manually or by spraying growth retardants such as mepiquat chloride, chlormequat chloride and maleic hydrazide. In this review, the influence of nipping on the growth and yield of various crops has been discussed.

Nipping, yield of crops, low yields, growth retardants.

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Sanbagavalli, S., Bhavana, J., & Pavithra, S. (2020). Nipping - A Simple Strategy to Boost The Yield - Review. Annual Research & Review in Biology, 35(11), 45-51.
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