Digital Archiving Policy

SDI is happy to announce that all our journals are now permanently archived in Journal Repository (JR). Journal Repository (JR) is among the fastest growing community-supported digital archives in the world.

Working with libraries and publishers, Journal Repository (JR) preserves e-journals, e-books, and other electronic scholarly content to ensure researchers and students will have access to it in the future. Digital preservation is the series of management policies and activities necessary to ensure the enduring usability, authenticity, and accessibility of content over the very long-term.

By partnering with Journal Repository (JR), SDI affirms its commitment towards all processes of quality scholarly publication like transparent OPEN peer review, timely publication, DOI registration, indexing & abstracting, permanent archiving, etc. We want authors, librarians, etc to feel confident that SDI is doing everything possible to assure the content we publish will be available in perpetuity.

For more information please contact:
Ms. M. B. Mondal, Ph.D.

Last updated on 09-12-2016