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Abundance of Cutlassfish Trichiurus lepturus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Bushehr Waters, Persian Gulf

H. Raeisi, S. A. Hosseini, S. Y. Paighambari

Annual Research & Review in Biology, Page 37-45

The abundance of cutlassfish was studied in the fishing grounds of Bushehr waters between May to August 2010. Stratified random sampling scheme from 40 trawl stations was used. Catch rates (catch per unit area, CPUA) and total biomass of all the samples were estimated. Mean CPUA and the total biomass of Trichiurus lepturus were estimated as 6104.6 ± 956.4 kgnm-2 and 3765.9 tonnes respectively. There was a significant difference between the mean CPUA of different depths and seasons. This study has provided the first study of biomass and CPUA in Bushehr Waters. The data collected in this study can be used as the basis for a long-term stock monitoring program in the region.

Open Access Original Research Article

Organoleptic Assessment and Proximate Analysis of Stored Tilapia guineensis

Oriakpono Obemeata, Ndome Christopher

Annual Research & Review in Biology, Page 46-52

The organoleptic and proximate analysis of Tilapia guineensis were assessed at two stored temperatures, -18ºC and 4ºC for 4 weeks. Graded results revealed a general decline in organoleptic properties such as colour, texture, freshness, and taste of the fishes stored at the two temperatures. Proximate analysis revealed a reduction in crude protein and lipid contents and increases in ash and fibre content of the fish at the two storage temperatures. Moisture content decreased in the samples stored at -18ºC but increased in the 4ºC stored samples. pH of fish was found to increase in the two stored temperatures. It was within the acidic range in the -18ºC stored sample but the alkaline range in the 4ºC stored samples. There were significant differences ‘‘P<0.05’’ in the organoleptic and proximate composition of the ice stored Tilapia guineensis within the same temperature and between the two temperatures. The quality of the 4ºC stored sample deteriorated faster than that of the -18ºC. Thus storage temperature and duration have effects on the nutritional quality of stored fish.

Open Access Original Research Article

An Assessment of Pregnancy Induced Physiological Changes in West African Dwarf (WAD) Does at Different Stages of Gestation

J. A. Imasuen, C. P. Aloamaka

Annual Research & Review in Biology, Page 53-57

Twenty pregnant WAD goat does were used to assess the effect of pregnancy induced physiological changes at different stages of pregnancy. Pulse Rate values ranges from 80.78±1.63 to 92.35± 1.47(BPM), showing significant (p<0.05) increases as gestation periods (months) increases. Significant differences (p<0.05) were also observed in respiratory rate during course of gestation and the values of 16.73± 0.43 to 18.95±0.59 were obtained. When rectal temperature was measured during pregnancy, the result shows that pregnancy caused significant (P<0.05) increased in rectal temperature and the value increased with the course of gestation too, with values ranging from 39.33±0.25 to 41.22±.0.53. Thus, it was concluded that pregnancy induces physiological changes in does, especially as the course of gestation increases in months.