In vivo Toxicity Assessment after the Detoxification of Aflatoxin Compounds – Contaminated Wheat and Corn by Ozone Gas

T. T. El-Sisy, Asmaa A. Salem, Nivin S. Nail, Jehan B. Ali

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The Influence of Papaya Leaf Extract to Anthracnose Disease in Papaya Fruit

Sudiono ., Efri ., Muhammad Asep Awaludin

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Medical History of Meat Handlers and the Occurrence of Zoonotic Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Imo State, Nigeria

I. D. Stan-Ekezie, O. C. Abanobi, C. I. C. Ebirim, Sally Ibe, G. U. Onyeugo

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A Study of Parasitic Copepod Infesting Two Freshwater Fish Populations (Cyprinus carpio and Abramis brama) from Beni-Haroun Dam (Mila) North-East of Algeria

Houda Berrouk, Mounia Tolba, Moundji Touarfia, Chahinez Boualleg

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Geographic Distribution of Global Economic Important Mahogany Complex: A Review

Jones Abrefa Danquah, Mark Appiah, Adam Osman, Ari Pappinen

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