Investigation of Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection Serologically and Pathologically in Aborted Cattle, Sheep, Goats and in Fetuses

Mehmet Kale, Sibel Hasircioglu, Özlem Özmen, Nuri Mamak, Sibel Gür, Orhan Yapici, Sibel Yavru, Mehmet Haligür, Oya Bulut, Kamil Atli, Yakup Yildirim

Page: 1-6
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Impact of Alcohol Intoxication on Pregnant Albino Wistar Rats; Some Blood Profile and Histopathological Evidence

A. O. Onyemelukwe, P. U. Achukwu, N. C. Azubuike, S. I. Ogenyi, O. S. Onwukwe, O. F. Odo, C. O. Ogu

Page: 7-16
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Commonly Found Zoonotic Parasite Species in Dogs and Cats from a Prominent Pet Market of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Priyanka Barua, Sharmin Musa, Rezwana Ahmed, Hamida Khanum

Page: 17-23
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Determination of Swelling and Dimensional Stability of Some Nigerian Timber Species

G. C. Ajuziogu, A. N. Amujiri, E. U. Njoku, C. B. Ozokolie, E. O. Ojua

Page: 24-29
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Effect of Squid (Sepiotheutis lessoniana) Ink on Hematological Profile of Rats Rattus norvegicus

Delianis Pringgenies, Meida M. M. Pertiwi, Ali Ridlo

Page: 39-49
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Serological Investigation of West Nile Virus (WNV) Infection in Cats and Dogs

Eda Dinç, Yakup Yildirim

Page: 65-71
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Coronavirus Outbreak and the Mathematical Growth Map of COVID-19

Md. Kamrujjaman, Md. Shahriar Mahmud, Md. Shafiqul Islam

Page: 72-78
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Impact of Industrial Effluent Discharge on the Physico-chemical Properties of Aleto Stream, Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria

S. L. Gbarakoro, T. N. Gbarakoro, W. L. Eebu

Page: 79-89
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Review: Rice Blast Disease

Saleh Ahmed Shahriar, Abdullah All Imtiaz, Md. Belal Hossain, Asmaul Husna, Most. Nurjahan Khatun Eaty

Page: 50-64
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