Physicochemical, Microbial and Sensory Characteristics of Yoghurt Processed by Adding Various Formulations of Gum Arabic and Guar Gum

Zakaria A. Salih, Azhari Siddeeg, Ammar Al- Farga, Rasha M. A. Mousa, S. A. Husam, A. S. Al Zubair

Page: 33-44
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Serological and Molecular Characterisation of Virus Infecting Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) in Adim-Biase, Cross River State, Nigeria

O. I. Eyong, E. E. Ekpiken, G. M. Ubi, A. O. Alobi

Page: 66-72
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Plant Growth Regulators Affecting Leaf Traits of Loquat Seedling

Muhammad Imam Surya, Lily Ismaini, Suluh Normasiwi, Dwinda Mariska Putri, Vandra Kurniawan

Page: 73-85
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Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence Factors of Campylobacter coli Isolated from Chicken in Côte d’Ivoire

Goualié Gblossi Bernadette, Bakayoko Souleymane, Konan Marie-Pierre Laure

Page: 86-92
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Ovipositional Behaviour of Two Fruit Flies, Ceratitis capitata and Anastrepha fraterculus, in Seven Fruit Hosts in the Laboratory

Ester Marques de Sousa, Léo Rodrigo Ferreira Louzeiro, Miguel Francisco de Souza- Filho, Adalton Raga

Page: 93-102
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Antibiotic Sensitivity Patterns and Plasmid Profile of Bacteria Isolated from Some Swimming Pools in Akure, Nigeria

A. K. Onifade, B. E. Francis, E. A. Aiyenuro

Page: 118-125
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Curbing the Challenges in Recent Treatment Guideline for Early Management of Individuals with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Recommendation for Therapeutic Hypothermia

Stephen Sunday Ede, Chigozie Ikenna Uchenwoke, Kayode Israel Oke, Chigozie Okwudili Obaseki, Franklin Onyedinma Irem

Page: 1-32
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Nipping - A Simple Strategy to Boost The Yield - Review

S. Sanbagavalli, Jangam Bhavana, S. Pavithra

Page: 45-51
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