Deeper, Larger, More Common: Cryptic Coral Species Podabacia Benefits from Reef Recovery

Andreas Kunzmann, . Samsuardi, Ofri Johan, Karin Springer

Page: 41-44
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Performance of P2x7 and P2Y Purinergic Receptors as an Inhibiting Factor in the Progression of Pulmonary Neoplastic Cells

Matheus Ribeiro Bizuti, Laura Nyland Jostl, Emanuely Scramim, Keroli Eloiza Tessaro da Silva, Luana Paula Schio, Gabriela Vidotto Cavallieri, Renata Calciolari Rossi, Débora Tavares de Resende e Silva

Page: 56-62
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Two Faces of Regulatory T Cells: From Immune Defense to Tumoral Progression

S. S. D. E. Medeiros, L. G. De Souza, W. M. Souza, M. G. C. Mayeiro, G. R. Degasperi

Page: 112-125
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Assessment of Salinity Level and Some Nutrients in Different Depths of Soil at Kalapara Upazila of Patuakhali District

Sabnaj Khanam, Mohammad Asadul Haque, Md. Fazlul Hoque, Md. Tariqul Islam

Page: 1-10
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Effects of Pre-sowing Treatments and Abiotic Stress on the Germination of Ceratonia siliqua Seeds of Four Moroccan Biomes

Meriem Yatim, Rahal El Kahkahi, Ikram Es- Sbata, Taoufik El- Askri, Samia ElOirdi, Tarik Lakhlifi, Abdelhaq Belhaj, Majida Hafidi, Rachid Zouhair

Page: 11-31
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Selecting Bacillus spp. Antagonist of Fungal Phytopathogen Phytophthora infestans Causing Tomato Late Blight

Trang Le Vu Khanh, Le Nguyen Tan, Mai Le Thi, My Pham Thi, Trieu Ly Hai

Page: 32-40
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Biochar, Bentonite and Potassium Humate Effects on Saline Soil Properties and Nitrogen Loss

S. A. Abdeen

Page: 45-55
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Endo-Parasites of Apparently Healthy Wild Birds in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Assam, Assam, Abdu, Salamatu, Paul, Abdu, Augustine, Ezealor

Page: 63-72
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Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Toothpaste against Organisms Causing Dental Caries

M. Shailaja Raj, R. Hema, Anitha Thomas

Page: 73-83
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A Study on the Knowledge Level and Extent of Adoption of Plant Protection Measures against Blast Disease of Rice by the Farmers of Indian Sundarbans

Sabita Nath, Bholanath Mondal, Palash Mondal

Page: 84-97
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Investigation through New Approach on Plants with Antihypertensive Properties Used by the Herbalists in the Maritime Region of Togo

Souleymane Compaoré, Koffi Koudouvo, Alimata Bancé, Raïnatou Boly, Lazare Belemnaba, Noufou Ouédraogo, Sylvin Ouédraogo

Page: 98-111
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Agronomic Performance of Corn Cultivars in Low-Altitude in the Cerrado-Amazon Ecotone

Weder Ferreira dos Santos, Lara Rythelle Souza Bequiman, Lucas Carneiro Maciel, Joênes Mucci Peluzio, Osvaldo José Ferreira Júnior, Layanni Ferreira Sodré, Talita Pereira de Souza Ferreira, Fernando Barnabé Cerqueira, Lucas Alves de Faria

Page: 126-133
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Neoplasias in Fish: Review of the Last 20 Years. A Look from the Pathology

Luis Alberto Romano, Virgínia Fonseca Pedrosa

Page: 134-153
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